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April 28, 2022, We hope to be adding Apples to the shares of Our CSA again this Fall!  Look For Everything Lavender Coming To A Place Near You!     "The Farmer" heirloom June 15, An update on our heirloom

Isadore Project -

Heirloom or open pollinated fruit brings our history into the present with flavors and beauty from the past. Unlike hybrid plants, gardeners can save seeds from heirloom varieties with the assurance that the fruit from each new generation of plants will bear fruit that is similar to the fruit from the past seasons. Our plants this year include. Russian Red Kale: “Ragged Jack” or “Rugged Jack Kale”. Mildly acidic, but bold flavor,this ancient variety is very hardy. Delicate, oak-leafed appearance, this variety is not only tasty, but also a wonderful visual addition to your garden. Lemon Cucumber: Lemon-shaped fruits have pale yellow skin and crisp white flesh. Listed in Wilson’s 1894 seed catalog in Bucks County. Very productive and drought tolerant. Gherkin Cucumber: Tiny pickling cucumber with a light green spiny skin; an ingredient in PA Dutch Chow-Chow relish. Salsify Oyster Plant: hardy, long-season perennial plant, blooming with a purple flower and producing a creamy white root, said to have a delicate oyster flavor. Requires a long growing season; so look for this in October.  Moon and Stars Watermelon: Considered an old Amish heirloom variety, the melon has large yellow moons and small yellow stars on its smooth, dark green rind. The foliage is also speckled yellow. Large seeds are tan flecked with brown. The flesh of this watermelon is pink-red and is wonderfully sweet. Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage: (pre 1840’s) A pointed-headed cabbage, has an excellent mild flavor. . Look for these in your share later in the season.