First, thank you for your interest in our farm and taking some time to get to know us. I suppose a little background would be a good place to start. I grew up on one of many small farms near a smaller town in southwest Pennsylvania.  Sometime around age 8, our neighbor who owned a greenhouse ended up with extra tomato plants, 5000 to be exact. My father decided that the tomatoes would be a good project for me to tackle (as if I didn’t have enough to do taking care of our seemingly huge garden among other things). Someone must have been watching over the tomatoes because we had a bumper crop and my dad’s hidden plan came to light. He took me and the tomatoes (along with some of our other vegetables) to a local farmers market and I got to be the “boss” of the stand. I loved it and so another young farmer was born! Thanks again Dad. As great as you are, I don’t know if even you knew you were planting the seed of a life long love for farming.  Over the next 15 or so years our market stand kept growing and expanding into many “specialty gourmet” items. Eventually I ended up moving to the Buffalo area. While working, getting married and starting a family occupied most of my time the farming “bug” was still there. Watching my son grow I realized that I wanted him to have the same great childhood  growing up in the country that I had, so the quest began. In 2008 we purchased a 35 acre homestead that is now called affectionately “the farm” by our friends. I decided on the name “Sinemus Farms” using the plural to reflect the four generations of Sinemus’ past and present that have a love for farming.

Now that you are all caught up on the past, here is the present.  We have many returning members and have raised our number of shares to 45 for this year in order to include some new members.

This will be our 13th year of the of the project to reclaim the 25 tillable acres on the farm. We would like to thank all of our partners who have helped to make it possible. From our CSA members to our market customers it has been a rewarding fifteen years of growing, that has allowed us to make many improvements to the infrastructure of the farm.

You are welcome to check out our Lavender Fields by appointment during the Bloom occuring in early July through early August.

The Bee Conservancy is now in operation with over 15,000 bees in hives and with your help we can continue to grow the population using bee friendly organic methods which help to protect the bees from Colony Collapse Disorder.

Our intention is to stay small and personal to allow us to incorporate more of our member’s ideas to make our CSA experience the best possible one. Keeping things small also allows us to grow things the way we want to eat them where hard work with a hoe takes the place of chemicals for weed control. And nature provides all the pesticides needed.

We hope you decide to join us and be part of the family so we can introduce you to some great produce that you may have never heard of along with everyone's old favorites.


6959 Norton Road

Elba, New York 14058



2410 Niagara Road

Wheatfield, New York 14304